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SUGAR in the MILK This Parsi New year let’s understand the magic which has made this community the backbone and silent building block of the Indian Economy and played an integral part in Indianess. Yes, we read that correct, Indian Economy! Let’s make that simple. Have you heard these names? Mr. J R D Tata, [...]

This Friendship Day make a ” Frolleague “

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This Friendship day make a New start at work: Very few would dispute the power that true friendship has to enrich our lives. But what role should friendship play at workplace? Is it better and smarter to keep your personal and professional lives separate or friendship at workplace makes it easier for us to survive? [...]

Teacher – a student Within- Guru Poornima

By |2018-07-27T17:06:10+05:30July 27th, 2018|Uncategorized|

On this Day of Guru Poornima we always hear about the stories and praises being showered on a Teacher and how Teachers are so important And so on. My experience of this day is a tad different and a very humbling truth that i learnt in a very harsh way! Makes me laugh today cause [...]

Performance Review- A Humorous Take !!

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Performance Reviews - A Review in Humour - Many companies like to make their employees suffer on a periodic basis with something called a performance review. So, you sit with one or more supervisors, and contemplate over questions together for which he already has an answer. You must take part in this process if you [...]

Team Work and Coordination

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Team Work and Coordination Teamwork. It’s one of the oldest buzzwords in the business. Every business owner dreams of assembling an unstoppable team of skilled, driven individuals and driving them to excel. But the reality is often much more challenging. Assembling a team is hard work, and keeping them coordinated even harder. Even the most [...]

Baisakhi – The Panj Pyaare with us at work !

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Baisakhi –The Panj Pyaare &  Power of Five ! Vaisakhi /Baisakhi is a festival to celebrate the birth of the Khalsa.Often it is misrepresented as a Harvest festival or even the Sikh new year.In April 1699 the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji tested the commitment of thousands of Sikhs.The first five to pass his [...]

Easter Egg..the symbolic representation in business

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 The Egg has always been a symbol of the future, of hope, of re-birth, of the potential inside. Inside this tiny fragile shell is the potential for life, for the continuance of the species. Birds make intricate nests to house their eggs, snakes and turtles elaborately bury theirs. The eggs are guarded, incubated, turned, and [...]

Leadership-An Art Form

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Leadership-The Art- (excerpts from blog) Leadership can be identified in its elements in any situation which has a group of people willing to go over and beyond to achieve a common goal. Is leadership an activity or a process? The leadership process involves such things as an influence, exemplary behaviour or persuasion. It involves actors who are both [...]

Stealing Ideas

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Its really frustrating when someone steals your ideas or work. 1. You say something in a meeting, no one reacts, but then later someone else repeats the exact same thing and suddenly gets all the credit. 2. You achieve a breakthrough or invent something, share it with others, then find that someone else is presenting [...]


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The process of branding is quite common on a business-level but today branding plays an equally important role on personal level as well. The actual practice of personal branding involves self-disclosure or self assessment  of any individual, organization or group. In other words, it is the process of developing a positive impression which is created [...]