Baisakhi – The Panj Pyaare with us at work !

Baisakhi –The Panj Pyaare &  Power of Five !

Vaisakhi /Baisakhi is a festival to celebrate the birth of the Khalsa.Often it is misrepresented as a Harvest festival or even the Sikh new year.In April 1699 the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji tested the commitment of thousands of Sikhs.The first five to pass his test were initiated into a new order, called the Khalsa.

These men five men came to be known as the Panj Pyaare (five beloveds).

Together they formed the nucleus of the Khalsa.These Panj Pyaare are subtly & metaphorically relevant to each organization in all forms of progression required, even today.

Each Organization needs their Panj pyaare, the 5 beloveds, to form a strong nucleus for any customer service oriented organization & to establish themselves as a Brand.

At the core, The Panj Pyaare that any organization needs are

Purpose, Passion, Positivity, Planning & Prosperity

These are the Rootstocks to graft any organization together & set primary ideologies to surge ahead. These 5 features should be the professional commandment of any Organization just like the 5 K ‘s are the religious commandment and pride of the Sikh warrior community.

The Panj Pyaare can also be the metaphorical representation in any organization in their departments.The Five departments which come to mind and are fundamentally the spearheads could be-

The Service Department, The HR Department, The Quality assurance, The Finance & The Marketing. Together they ensure the vertical trend through all phases of existence.

Similarly, The Panj Pyaare who hold the testimony of an organizational trend.

These are the phase of  Expansion, Peak, Recession, Trough, Recovery.

How The Organization envisions, receives and regulates itself as a group on mission speaks volumes on the strength and stability of not only the Organization but also their Belief in their core values.

Baisakhi is a celebration. Let’s celebrate it with a difference this time, by understanding the Inception of Panj Pyaare of the divine Khalsa community. Let’s forage, litmus test, select & Appoint our Panj Pyaare, within our professional values and for our organizations.

This Baisakhi. With the Power of Five, turn those Sparrows into Eagles!

Happy Baisakhi!


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