Leadership-An Art Form

Leadership-The Art- (excerpts from blog)

Leadership can be identified in its elements in any situation which has a group of people willing to go over and beyond to achieve a common goal. Is leadership an activity or a process? The leadership process involves such things as an influence, exemplary behaviour or persuasion. It involves actors who are both leaders and followers.

The leadership process has various outcomes – most obviously the achievement of goals, but also the commitment of individuals to such goals.

No longer do we solely follow the Great Man Approach to Leadership.

The Approach has changed and is highly situational and depends on the Strength and Weakness of the Team, The Task in hand, The Skills v/s Will factor and much more.

Thus, it is an Art Form, a way to influence Men and Mind such that it enables them to work towards the attainment of Goals with singlemindedness and while in this process, create an infectious Positive vibe in the team.

Leaders always Give Birth to Team spirit. Team spirit, in turn, creates common Goals, accentuates Individual creativity, and defines the destiny of any company.In a Way,Leadership is discovering any company’s destiny & instilling the courage in the Team to follow it.

Leadership is an Interpersonal influence at its best.

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