Stealing Ideas

  • Its really frustrating when someone steals your ideas or work.

    1. You say something in a meeting, no one reacts, but then later someone else repeats the exact same thing and suddenly gets all the credit.

    2. You achieve a breakthrough or invent something, share it with others, then find that someone else is presenting the idea as their own.

    3. You deliver a bunch of great work to your boss, he puts his name on it and does not mention you when presenting it to others.

    It’s at a minimum super-annoying, if not downright unethical.

    So what do you do about it?
    I am an advocate of staying on the high ground. I have done this in my career when someone else absorbs my work with no credit to me.

    Remember these points.

    1. Take advantage of the difference between talking and doing.– If someone has repackaged your work.most likely they don’t know the execution of that work. Ask them what the next step is and ensure you have a comprehensive conclusion to it.

    2. You are supposed to make your boss look good –some of us will remember how the first time our boss absorbed a big project of and then put his name on it and the CEO thanked him for the amazing job.I remember this from early in my career. I was invisible. I was crushed.

    I later recognized that you are supposed to make your boss look good.

    But you need to make sure that between you and your boss, it’s clear the work was yours.

    Document everything from first copy to a proposal to the approval of what you did to be included in your next review. Document how things were when you started, what you did, and what the outcomes were. Document the benefit your boss received.

    If it’s all true, you are not doing anything controversial. You are just letting your boss know you are happy for him to have the glory publicly but expect him to acknowledge your work, and not walk all over you. Feel free to have a sly smile.

    3. Do not confront in public or show emotions of disdain.

    Make sure you forward the documentation of your work to your superior or peer. Always work in a Team.A Team will ensure that the Boss or a certain peer does not run away with what was yours.

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