This Parsi New year let’s understand the magic which has made this community the backbone and silent building block of the Indian Economy and played an integral part in Indianess. Yes, we read that correct, Indian Economy!
Let’s make that simple. Have you heard these names?
Mr. J R D Tata, Mr. Ratan Tata, Field Marshal- Sam Manekshaw, Mr. Soli Sorabjee, Mr.Zubin Mehta, Mr.Polly Umrigar, Mr. Farrokh Bulsara just to name a few from varied fields.
Most of the fortunes in the Indian Economy from the 1600s when the British East India Company arrived in India till date has had a strong participation and silent presence of the Parsis.
Traits like ‘diligence’ and ‘strong work ethic’ are so intensely embedded in them that with ease they create a contagious environment of positive workforce wherever they work.
I have had an opportunity to be in close association with the “Parsi clan” or “Bawas” as they are lovingly referred to by many, and I have learned many important aspects of being a strong workforce from them. I have had fascinating associations with this knitted yet knotted community, from colleagues to my reporting managers, and now my professional clients. This ‘now scattered’ but beautiful and fun set of human beings have taught me something cognitive in their subtle way.
This day of the Parsi New Year, I share here that one stupendous thing I learned from this humble community, especially while dealing in a group environment.

Presenting, The Magical Act of “How to be a Sugar in the Milk”
Yes, It is the legend and they have held it as an ethic for centuries. I was fortunate to learn it early in my career.

The Legend goes (in short),
A Priest from the Parsi people went to the King of a village in western India to ask for refuge, as his people (the Parsi people) were fleeing for their lives, fearing persecution in their homeland. The King was resistant, his villages were already full.
To demonstrate this fact, the King showed the Priest a vat of milk, he said, “Like this vat of milk our lands are full to the brim.” In response, the Priest took some sugar and poured it into the milk saying, “Just as the sugar enriches the milk, so our people will enrich your lands.” And Enrich, they did !!
When in a Team Dynamic, Become that Sugar, (A certain Mr.K would not like me using that reference  ). Mix into the Milk; don’t be seen in the Glass. Let the taste of the Milk declare your importance, not the claim of being the Sugar. Moreover, Mix to enrich, to sweeten & to attain results.
You may be a spoonful and may have that spoonful role to play in a team but the very fact that one spoonful is such a sinful requirement for the milk to taste good, makes you the spine of a team.
Just Like the Parsis have been that spoonful in varied fields of professions, Music, Sports, Education and now even Fitness, any young entrant should strive to be an integrated part of every team that they work with. To all professionals who work in a group environment, this Parsi New Year imbibe this beautiful mantra and be…..
‘The Sugar in The Milk ‘–
Happy New Year and Thank you to all my Parsi Clan 

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  1. Haresh August 18, 2018 at 7:56 am - Reply

    Succinctly put and beautifully yoked with the professional space. Nice read.

  2. SannyPhalo December 10, 2018 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

  3. Sharmin December 17, 2018 at 12:54 am - Reply

    Thank you…very heartening

    This land and its people gave the Parsees everything they have needed to achieve what they have and Parsees should be eternally grateful for that
    I for 1 am

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